Whilst I’ve been setting up the Stay Manly blog, their’s been times I’ve needed a bit of inspiration from other blogs and magazines. Whilst I’ve been looking around the internet I’ve found A LOT of other great blogs for men. Here’s an up-to-date list of the most helpful, entertaining and best blogs for men of 2017.

Best Blogs For Men

Aspiring Gentleman

Aspiring gentleman is a men’s lifestyle blog ran by Andrew Nackton. The blog features articles such as travel, style, entertainment, fitness, gadgets, and more.

Link: aspiringgentleman.com


HeadsUpGuys is a resource for supporting men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success.

Link: https://headsupguys.org

Order of Man

Order of Man is a self-improvement blog created by Ryan Michler. He writes about what you can do to become a better man. Whether that’s being a stronger leader, having a meaningful relationship or making more money. He’s created a great community for men to get the best advice.

Link: http://www.orderofman.com

Made Man

Made Man is packed with expert advice on men’s lifestyle, health, fitness, dating, food and drink, gear, cars and as you can see in the picture below, women.

Link: http://www.mademan.com

Man of Many

Man of Many is a lifestyle and fashion blog founded by Frank Arthur and Scott Purcell, launched in 2012. The blog showcases men’s products, culture, fashion, technology and style.

Link: https://manofmany.com


Mantelligence is a lifestyle blog which gives great, in-depth advice on dating, fashion, exploring as well as sponsored product reviews. Kyle Boureston is the founder and editor of Mantelligence. He created the site to give men a higher quality of information online.

Link: https://www.mantelligence.com

The Vintage Gentlemen

The Vintage Gentlemen has both a blog and a shop. Brandon, the founder of The Vintage Gentlemen, writes articles about men’s lifestyle, advice and reviews on his products.

Link: https://www.thevintagegentlemen.com

The Distilled Man

Kyle Ingham is the founder of The Distilled Man. This is one of the best blogs for men that I found whilst searching the internet. He talks about relationships, food & drink, motivation, style & grooming and manly know-how.

Link: http://www.thedistilledman.com

The Modest Man

The Modest Man is a fashion blog for men of modest height. If you need advice on style or product reviews, this is a great place to come.

I believe that a man should dress for the occasion and always look his best.

– Brock

Link: http://www.themodestman.com

Ape to Gentleman

First of all, I want to say that Ape to Gentleman is such a good name for the website. Focusing on style, quality and value, this online men’s magazine is a great place to visit for advice on men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle.

Link: https://www.apetogentleman.com


Menprovement has a clear, to the point tagline of – Build Better Men. This blog is all about self-improvement, helping spread values of authenticity, freedom and masculinity.

Link: https://www.menprovement.com


AskMen is a massive online men’s magazine that covers pretty much every topic you could possibly want to read about. From sport to celeb news, AskMen write great articles about all aspects of a mans life.

Link: https://uk.askmen.com

The Everyday Man

The Everyday Man is an online magazine launched back in 2012. It’s a great example of another men’s lifestyle website that has great advice and reviews on a ton of different subjects.

Link: http://theeverydayman.co.uk


MANKIND UNPLUGGED is a great online magazine that’s all about “guy stuff” from a “girl’s view”. I think this is a brilliant idea and it’s definitely the place to go too to see things from a women’s perspective. This blog is easily one of the best blogs for men.

Link: http://mankindunplugged.com

Guy Counceling

Guy Counceling is an educational blog for men to get answers to questions important to them. The blog also write articles on men’s fashion, grooming and guy skills.

Link: https://guycounseling.com

Modern Man

Modern Man is another men’s magazine that offers entertainment, advice, men’s fashion and the latest gadgets.

Link: http://www.modernman.com

The Rugged Male

The tagline for The Rugged Male sums up the site well; Whiskey, Women & Proper Manners. Maxwell, the founder of The Rugged Male blog, usually posts great content around 2-3 times month.

Link: http://theruggedmale.com


For the dad’s amongst us, this blog is absolute gold. David Shaul, the founder and author of DadvWorld writes articles and answers to questions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Link: http://dadvworld.com

Cool Material

Cool Material is both an online shop and a blog. The shop has handmade wallets, outdoor accessories, home accessories and much more. The blog features reviews, men’s lifestyle and fashion articles.

Your daily source for better gear, insightful articles, and insider info on all the stuff guys want. – Cool Material

Link: http://coolmaterial.com

Lifestyle For Men

Lifestyle for men is a magazine that produces a huge range of articles, from career to technology to women.

Discover how to live your dream lifestyle with Lifestyle For Men. The magazine for the modern man seeking an inspirational and fulfilling life. – LFM

Link: http://www.lfmmag.com