When you’re an old man, grey-haired, sat back in your armchair, what will you think when you look back at your life?

Action packed? Full of stories to tell the grand-kids… Or having sat around watching Netflix drinking brews all day?

I won’t lie, the latter is something I do – every so often. But in general, you need to have hobbies and create memories if you want to live a fulfilling life.

In no particular order, below is a list of manly hobbies/tasks that every man should consider ticking off the bucket list.

Be a Father

Father and SonBeing a father means a lot more than just having children. It’s about raising your children to be the best of their potential. It’s something that’s been forgotten about in today’s society and if you want to be a real man, it means taking on real responsibility.

Grow a Beard

Grow a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been trying to grow one for the past month and all you’ve got to show for it is a bit of fluff on your chin, you should probably just skip this one. (Don’t worry, their’s still 24 other manly things you can do.)

Get into a Fight

Get Into a Fight

Inside the ring. Outside the pub. It doesn’t really matter where.

Fighting has been something men have always done and it will always be part of who we are.

If there’s one thing that brings back the feeling of manliness, it’s fighting.

Drink Straight Spirits

Drink Straight Spirits

If their’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s ruining good whiskey or brandy by mixing it with soft drinks. On the odd occasion, it’s acceptable but if you want to put hairs on your chest, drink your spirits straight.

Work Out in the Gym

Workout in the Gym

If their’s one thing that sets apart the men from the boys, it’s having a bit of meat on your bones. Make sure you’re looking and feeling your best later in life.

Also, you can read how to naturally boost your testosterone levels through the roof to get you ready for the gym.

Finish a Project

Fix Something

Whether it’s building a go-kart with your kids or revamping an old car, having a good long-term project to work on will keep you busy. The feeling of having designed and built something yourself is so much better than just buying it outright.

Learn a Martial Art

Learn a Martial Art

When it comes to martial arts, there are tons of choices to pick from.

Take the Korean martial art taekwondo for example.

Taekwondo is not just purely a physical thing. It focuses on your mental and ethical ways of being. You learn discipline, etiquette, justice, respect, and self-confidence. All important parts of being a man.

Ride a Motorbike

Ride a Motorbike

If you’ve never ridden a motorbike, you’ve never lived. Simple as that.

Scrub Up Well

Scrub Up Well

You might not notice it at the time, but when you’re looking back at photos from the past you’ll often think, “what was I wearing?!”

Dressing better has so many benefits. It gives you more self-confidence, makes you look more respectable and most importantly, look more like a proper gentleman.

Remember, first impressions last.

Build Something Out of Wood

Build Something Out of Wood

Woodwork is something men have done since the beginning of time. It can be a great hobby for men and give you a project to work on.

For help on how to get started, read getting started in woodworking.

Shoot Some Guns

Shoot Some Guns

Firing a weapon system is perhaps one of the most manly things to do on this list.

Their’s something about firing a gun that just seems to relieve your stress and put your mind somewhere else.

Own a Collection

Own a Collection

No matter how big or small. Have something to be proud of. Something you can constantly add too or improve.

‎Go Camping

Go Camping

Go somewhere completely random. Somewhere you’ve never even thought about going. Feel the freedom.

The best thing about camping is that it’s a cheap, easy and fun thing to do, all you need is a fire, a tent, and some sheets to sleep under.

‎Do an Extreme Sport

Do an Extreme Sport




Downhill mountain biking


Ice climbing, etc… The list could go on for a while. Do as many of these as you can, you’ll feel alive.

Shoot a Bow and Arrow

Man Shooting Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrows have been used by men for thousands of years. It requires the same skills as firing any other weapon system.

Need tips on how to shoot a bow and arrow? Read this post from the art of manliness.

Be Good at Cooking

Man Cooking

No matter what you’ve been told, the kitchen is not just for the women. Being a good cook should be part of every mans life.

I won’t lie, this is still on my own to-do list. Unless it involves bacon and eggs, my wife cooks it.

Be a Magician


Being good at magic tricks is a difficult skill to master. But if you invest enough time into it, you’ll be able to keep the kids and grand-kids entertained for in the years to come.

Go Fishing

Go Fishing

With a picture like that, who wouldn’t want to go fishing?

Fishing can be a good time to be alone with your thoughts and get some peace and quiet.

Ride a Horse

Ride a Horse

When I was last in Canada back in 2016, I spent a week riding horses around the Rocky Mountains and it was EPIC. Not just for the views, but for the feeling you get when you’re riding a horse.

Brew your Own Beer

Brew Your Own Beer

With pubs in the UK charging upwards of £5 a pint, brewing your own beer can be a money saving, fun hobby to have. It’s one of my favourite manly things to do.

This home-brew beer kit only costs £23.99 and serves 40 pints!

Complete a Genuine Physical Challenge

Complete a Genuine Challenge

Triathlon, marathon, Iron Man? Dependant on your physical abilities, enter into something, train hard for it and smash it. You never realise how much your body can actually take into you get out of your comfort zone.

Need the motivation to go for a run? Read this post.

Get a Tattoo

Get a Tattoo

Men have been marking their bodies with tattoos for a long time. It’s a way we express ourselves and be unique. Make sure you put a lot of thought into it, laser removal is a lot more painful!

Go ‎Hunting

Go Hunting

Hunting your own source of food is a much better way of getting fed than just buying it from the shop. You get fresh, lean meat without paying over the odds, and a day of practicing manly outdoor skills.

Get everything you need to go hunting here.

Build a Man Cave

Build a Man Cave

As men, we need our own space. Somewhere we can go and play cards, play Xbox, watch movies, consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol, etc…


Go Parachuting

Go Parachuting

I know I already covered extreme sports but I think this one needed to be on the list separately. Jumping out of a plane for the first time is a feeling like no other, if you’ve never tried it, DO IT!

Remember to share and comment below on your best manly things to do.